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Smart Buy Autos has long been established as one of the easiest places to buy a used car in Sydney. On top of a huge range of Sydney used cars, we now offer in house Finance solutions to suit each one of our customers.

Buying a Used Car in Sydney should be a journey to be cherished and that’s why understanding your used car finance needs and finding the right finance deal for you, is something we don’t take for granted.

Here at Smart Buy Autos we have access to a large group of qualified lenders who essentially compete for your business ensuring that we can get you great service, low finance rates and comparative choices.

The lenders you will have access to through Smart Buy Autos include:

We know there are many varieties of used Car Finance available to you and on this page we’re here to outline what may be best for you and your situation. So with all the options available to you, there’s no need to go elsewhere for your Used car finance.

Feel free to check out our summary of car loans we offer for you to assist with the purchase of your next used car. You can browse by Finance loan type, or your circumstance.

Loan Types
01. Consumer fixed rate loan

Flexible finance designed with your needs in mind. When you're looking to purchase a new or used motor vehicle that will be driven predominantly for personal, domestic or household use, a Personal Vehicle Loan is a fast and flexible way to get into the car you want today.


asset backed means lower interest rates, flexible loan terms, available to most consumers. Borrow as little as $5,000, You can include all purchasing costs such as on roads and Insurance.

02. Low Doc Loans

For the self-employed that have limited access to the normal documents required for a consumer loan this is the simplest and fastest way to secure your Car finance today.


Limited amount of documentation required. Best option for self-employed, easier car finance for Business.

03. Bad Credit loans

We all make mistakes and some can be more harmful than others. We’d love to give you a second chance. Talk to us about how we can secure your used car with one of our tailored car finance packages to suit your unique situation.


Second chance loans, Tailored solutions for your situation, the best chance at owning your used car.

04. Business Finance

A standard business car loan is a commercial car loan designed to provide flexibility for people in business, while the vehicle remains an asset of the business. Business finance caters for those who need their vehicles for work purposes. They include certain terms and conditions that are unique to our business Customers and provide an easy solution to your Business Financing needs.


Tailored solutions for Sole Traders, Partnerships and Companies. Flexible terms, Balloon payment options, Fixed monthly costs.

05. Fully Maintained Novated lease

A commercial finance product that is offered in the consumer finance solutions market. A Novated Lease is an all in one package where your cash flow is managed and there are no hidden extras with your car such as servicing and tyres.


All running costs of your new car can be included in your monthly payments, no more large service bills, better cash flow.

06. Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP)

CHP is another Commercial Financing product that is now available to the Consumer market. This type of Car finance allows you to effectively "Hire" your new car from the Financier with the option to pay it out and own it at the end of your term.


Flexible contract term, Balloon payments available, Fixed interest rate, Tax deductions are available to Business users, GST is claimable on the vehicle price, fees and interest if your GST registered.

07. Chattel Mortgage

With a chattel mortgage the financier lends money to you to purchase your used car. They effectively take out a "Mortgage" on your new car until you have paid the term of you finance.


Choice of loan terms, Balloon payment options, Tax deductions if used for Business, if registered for GST, Input tax credits may be available.

08. Still unsure?

Still unsure as to which loan would suit your needs? Simply see what category you associate with and we'll show you some of the solutions available to you. Please note that these are suggestions only and you would need to assessed to understand your suitability for each Finance product.


Are you employed and paying your mortgage looking for easy finance?

  • Consumer fixed rate loan
  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Commercial Hire purchase

Do you have a bad credit History and need a second chance car loan?

  • Bad credit car loan

Are you self employed?

  • Low doc car loan

Are you a Business Customer searching for Business Finance solutions?

  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Commercial Hire Purchase
  • Business Loan

Looking for your first car?

  • Consumer fixed rate loan

Don’t drive your new car away without Insurance. You have just spent time and money choosing your new investment, make sure it’s completely covered with a tailored insurance Solution. We have a range of Car Insurance Solutions available to you and your used car.

Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

Asset backed means lower interest rates, flexible loan terms, available to most consumers. Borrow as little as $5,000, You can include all purchasing costs such as on roads and Insurance.

(Shortfall Insurance) Gap Cover

If your car is written off or stolen it will pay the difference between what the insurance company pays out on your comprehensive Motor vehicle insurance cover and what you still owe on your loan. Gap Cover insurance covers the shortfall.

Loan Protection

Provides cover for your loan repayments in the event of Sickness; Injury; Involuntary unemployment; Death or if you were diagnosed with a major trauma.

Business Credit Insurance

Provides cover for loan repayments if you passed away or were diagnosed with a major trauma. It also provides cover in the event of sickness and Injury.

Tyre and Wheel Insurance

Covers you against damage to your tyres and wheels.